Thursday, April 19, 2007

Can a brother walk you home?

"You're wearing a fun...funny...funny outfit," my dad observed yesterday.

"Is it fun, or is it funny?" I wondered.

"I don't know," he admitted. "The hell?"

What's so confusing about a dress with a crazy print on it? Maybe my beret confused him.

My dad and I are basically always in the house at the same time, which is not surprising since we both generally work from home. This schedule has enabled me to note for the billionth time that we work in exactly the same way, i.e. down to the wire, into the night, and with manifold self-inflicted distractions of the technological and hobbyist variety (also, for him, midday PBS. "It's too bad Bob Ross isn't alive anymore," he said about 15 minutes ago). I did manage to get my taxes done before him, so I've got that going for me. After I asked where in the house I might plug in to the futureweb, my dad bought me a 25 foot ethernet cable, so now we're home office-ing simultaneously, except that I'm in my bed with papers spread all over the place. It's a little inefficient, but probably not more inefficient than I am myself.

The service at this place is pretty good, I must say. I mean, I got that cable for free. Plus the refrigerator is always full (including like 10 pounds of homemade refried beans), the coffeepot's generally got coffee in it already when I get up, and my dad bakes bread all the time. As a result, I have eaten more buttered toast in the last 2.5 weeks than I have in the last year: delicious. There were cars to borrow when mine was not legal to drive (I put the tail light on Monday morning) and there are loads, loads, loads of tools for any project you might need to undertake. Also, my mom has been feeding her Goodwill by the pound addiction and passing the fruits on to me. At night, there is knitting and BBC comedies. This is the best place to regroup, basically. My parents should run a business. The slogan could be "Get Your Shit Together Here, Now With Snacks."

I feel like I should provide an update on the status of all the things breaking in my vicinity.
  • My car battery charged up just fine, but now needs new brakes, rear tires, and a quarter panel (still). And things are leaking. Is there a website for the "should I buy a different car now or sink money into my old car?" decision tree? There should be.
  • My ipod charged successfully and awaits road-testing when I run today.
  • My chin herpe has resurfaced. Lookin good, mama, LOOKIN GOOD.
  • I may have found an apartment, though I should probably delete that immediately because it is far from a done deal. Nevertheless, I've kind of put my scouting on hold, which is a relief.
  • My mom has a cold.
But on the other hand:
  • I get a massage tomorrow.
Also, I have loads of shoes on ebay this week. Please someone buy all the 6.5s. I seem to find a lot of those.


  1. "Get Your Shit Together Here, Now With Snacks."

    awesome. where do i sign up?

  2. Chin herpe. Hee hee.

    Love the car sink or swim decision tree and think that's another public service needing to happen.

    I love your family.

  3. God, talk about chin herpes - we should have had a support group happening this week. Although, it sounds like you have one kind of built in (support group, that is). Speaking of which, I think I love your family, too. I know C-Mo does. Of course, he sort of approves of errybody.

  4. Just biked home from a Rockies game-- we had a pitcher tonight whose last name was Herges. Tragic.

    Sorry, don't you hate it when commenters focus on the most tasteless details?

    Herges. Hee hee.