Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just saying it could even make it happen.

I've been looking around lately at my church gig and thinking it was about time to start a fashion blog documenting old lady style, in the sincerest and most respectful spirit imaginable. Because this involves executing a plan, I actually have low expectations for it, but nonetheless, behold: funky grandmas. If you would like to contribute--meaning photograph older women with awesome personal style who are in your jurisdiction--please holla at me. I am totally serious.

So I can cross "funky grandmas" off my to-do list, which is nice.

Today I went to the Brit's naturalization ceremony, which was at the convention center downtown. When we met up, he was wearing a new suit and waving one of those little starched American flags, which was probably made in China. (There is actually proposed legislation in MN banning foreign-made American flags. It probably won't pass, but you have to admit it makes a kind of sense.) Have you ever watched new citizens being sworn in? I recommend doing it. It will recharge your partly-cloudy patriot batteries.

This is especially true if the ceremony involves upwards of 1200 new citizens from 50 or 80 countries. I don't remember how many countries, but it was a lot: they read the country names instead of the individual citizen names, to save time. It was rousing. I was stationed in the friends and family section, between a couple from Liberia (who sang along with "Proud to be an American") and an unassuming man and his new BFF, who within 3 minutes of sitting down had shared that she was a volunteer kidney donor and that she and her recipient wanted to meet. This is a wonderful world. I sang the Star-Spangled Banner in full opera voice. It was shocking for the people in my vicinity, but once the shock wore off they appreciated it.

The real hit of the morning was not my singing, however--it was the keynote speaker, Qadir Aware, this Kurdish American who lives in SD and is a huge advocate for multiculturalism and patriot pride and responsible citizenship and helping immigrants. Basically he's a solid dude who incited the masses of new citizens to participate actively and positively in the life of their new homeland. It was pretty electrifying, and there was much spontaneous applause for--well, just about everything he said, but especially everything he said about the right to vote. DO NOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED MY FRIENDS. Most of these new citizens fled their home countries because it was a matter of life or death and for many of them, having a voice about anything would have meant persecution. "Look around," said the presiding judge. "This is what America looks like." I had a tear in my eye. Then they played a pre-taped message from the Presidon't and a music video montage of the aforementioned, heinous, "Proud to be an American."

In other news, this orchestra that I've worked for twice before called yesterday morning to offer me a Messiah. (This is an unintentionally hilarious sentence that I'm not going to edit.) Now I have a gig in December. I also scored a tail light on ebay for $20. This may officially be the sleepy eye of the shitstorm, or perhaps it has passed altogether, except for that hot mess of snow outside. April is the cruellllest month.


  1. Congratulations to the Brit!

  2. Yes, ditto that congratulations, and also I love that you got an ebay tail light.

    I dig the Funky Grandmas idea. I wonder, will these photos be on the sly?

  3. Oh, I want full disclosure and willing participation. Ideally I'd like to be able to ask the FGs some questions about themselves and their style philosophy, if they have such a thing. What I anticipate being difficult: explaining "blog" or "the internets" to some people, but there's my ageism showing.

  4. Yes, it might be best to stick to "website."

  5. Great post - congrats to the Brit, and to you, my friend. Meanwhile, I've linked your blog on my new blog. Hope you don't mind.

  6. I am loving the Funky Grandmas idea- hysterical- you are my hero.

  7. Yay for your fresh shiny Messiah!

  8. michelle/weaker vessel4/15/07, 10:41 AM

    1000% in love with your funky grandmas idea. I don't see many around these parts, but there are thousands of freaky-deaky elders back in my NM homeland. It seems to attract free spirits.

    Also, I feel exactly like you feel when I go to events that underscore America's diversity. Standard jingoistic claptrap just makes me gag, but take me to a diversity march, civil rights event, MLK day program, etc., and I'm a bawling widdle baby.

    Congrats to the brit, and my deepest condolences on the premature passing of the ipod.