Thursday, April 05, 2007

The willies: scary, yet ingenious, and also clarified.

My nephew Henry was recently begging his dad BIL to help him look up Willy Wonka on youtube, and BIL was washing dishes or something and said "In a minute." By the time he got into the office, Henry had somehow pulled up youtube and had typed "WILLY" into the searchbar. He had the Willy Wonka DVD in his lap and was using it as a crib sheet. He was stuck trying to figure out how to make a space. So now he knows about the space bar.

Nerdy internet pre-reading. He's so futuristic!

He is also pre-moonwalking, thanks to youtube videos of Michael Jackson.


  1. That is the coolest ever! Brilliant! And dangerous--he could have clicked on some unsavory videos from a search for "Willy," methinks.

  2. Twink, I thought so too, and wasn't entirely sure what "cribbing" meant in this context.

  3. I, too, immediately thought of the dangers of YouTube willies. But nonetheless, I sure do vicariously love that precocious li'l' tramp. What a smarty pants.