Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Don't try this at home.

You need some quick advice, don't you? Say you move out of your apartment and your little sister is more or less taking over your lease. You leave all your stuff, including all your actual shit, at your old apartment because, you know, you can deal with it later, when she's moving out. No big deal. Low stress for everyone. You are stoked.

My advice is: deal with your actual shit as soon as possible. Your sister will decide to move at the same time you do your next move. Result: not only are you piling up stuff in your new place, but also you are constantly removing stuff from her place because you feel bad for her and also because see above re: your actual shit. There is probably a lot of it because you tend to keep everything. This trait both comes in handy AND breaks your back because you moved into a third floor apartment.

Another piece of advice is: get the new Feist record. Bjork's new joint is also in rotation and I can't say I like all of it. But I am interested in Bjork as an artist, so I'll pretty much listen to whatever she does.

Also, and this is mostly a note to self: get some actual groceries. Ak-maks are good and everything, but they do not replace real protein. Possibly you should detour to a big chain grocery store even though Whole Foods is now your closest market. It devours your money the way you devour its grilled artichokes.


  1. Is this the place w/o closets? Are you going to do some kind of free standing thing?

    Thanks for the Feist tip. I actually bought the cd this weekend but was listening to it (a) in the car on the way to duluth (b) whilst under-caffeinated and (c) whilst discussing the bible
    Somehow I just wasn't able to focus on the new cd I had just bought.

  2. Mmm...grilled artichokes.

  3. I've told my employer to direct deposit my pay check to Whole Foods now. Cuts out the middle man.