Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tender niblets.

First words I heard yesterday:

"Everything is beautiful (in its own way)." Announced pleasantly by my mother, as my parents walked in the door from their morning workout. She was talking about all the floral burgeoning going on outside.

First thing I heard this morning:

My dad playing blues music out his computer speakers. He found Pandora and the Music Genome Project today and commenced to geeking out immediately.

Most depressing t-shirt slogan I saw at Goodwill today:

"Just remember: we're all in this alone." Maybe it's supposed to be comforting.

Yesterday's scores:

1. This rug:
I done bought this rug.
Formerly $175 at Pier One, snagged for $33.

2. An REI backpack, suitable for actual backpacking, for $7.99. When my mom looked it over, she said "I think you win." Then she spread out her Goodwill by-the-pound finds. You see that I come by this thing honestly.

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  1. I really, really need to meet your mom - she seems super fun! Let's invite her to Ladies' Night!