Friday, June 08, 2007

All of us were ordinary, compared to Cynthia Rose.

I'm having that synchronicity thing a lot lately. Internet synchronicity probably shouldn't count, but LOLCATS finally exploded into my consciousness over the weekend, due to some very disparate blogs mentioning them simultaneously and not even overtly. You already know that I think cats are hilarious all by themselves, but I spent a good chunk of last Saturday morning actually crying about I Can Has Cheezburger? It's the cumulative effect of looking at so many of them that killed me so hard. Further explanation of the phenomenon here.

But the really good synchronicity went like this. I started reading Bird by Bird over the weekend, finally, and I think Anne Lamott might be my patron saint of the moment. I'm sure this sensation is not uncommon among her readers, but let's pretend that my experience is breathtakingly unique. At the beginning of the book she quotes E.L. Doctorow, who said "Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way." Naturally you can extend this image to encompass all of living and that is of course what I did immediately, because how often is your entire landscape illuminated?

So there was that. Then at my church gig over the weekend there was a little anecdote in the sermon about some clergyperson or writer who, after praying for guidance, would find that a new spotlight was shining right in front of her, and she would step into it. You know: a bit at a time.

Yesterday I was cruising on the highway and flipped on the MPR talk station, which I don't usually do during the day, and there was an interview on, and a woman was talking about her history of disordered eating, and being very funny and self-deprecating and interesting about dealing with her fuckups with an embarrassing amount of self-love and care, and then within less than a minute she dropped that E.L. Doctorow quote and I think I said out loud "OKAY I GET IT, and also what the hell?"

The interview snippet ended and the pledge driving started up again and the insufferable people asking for money said "Oh Anne Lamott, she's such a great interview isn't she, and you know what else, E.L. Doctorow was in the studio that day too and they got to meet, and that's the kind of thing that just happens on public radio, give us some money." I'm already giving you money, dudes, but if I weren't I would probably pledge just so I could bore you with my tales of radio synchronicity.

In other words, recent events have granted me a small pool of light in which it has been revealed to me that this small pool of light is all I get for the time being and it is probably sufficient.

Here's another one: after going back and forth interminably with a very kind and patient someone in Spain who bought a dress from me off Ebay in March and never received it in the mail, I refunded her money on Wednesday. Guess what got sent back to me on Thursday? Thaaaat's right. I won't be shipping anything else to Europe.

And you can't fail to have noticed that I have been quoting Prince in every blog entry recently, and two days ago "Starfish and Coffee" came up on my pod while I was running at the gym. I got to smile for two or three laps and then it was back to grimacing. Yesterday was Prince's birthday. It was also the Brit's. We went out for Japanese food and I made a trifle, one of the sickest desserts ever invented. It remains to be seen whether any meaningful coincidence will emerge from the trifle.

I wish I had some of it right now, but that's no coincidence.


  1. Let them never say you didn't pay attention!

  2. Pardon the double negative.

  3. Synchronicity is such an interesting thing isn't it? Sounds like you are getting repetitive patterns and when that occurs there is almost certainly a specific message. It's important to take not of any symbols that come up and look up their meaning and significance in a classic sense, and then consider it from a personal perspective as well.

    All the best!
    Bill White

  4. Dude, if you can, go hear Annie Lamott read her stuff. Or check out a book on tape by her. There is something about her inflection that makes me think she's the funniest person on the planet. She's pretty funny on paper, but she's so deadpan in person. Maybe it's just me because I'm always the loudest one laughing. Come to think of it, she's probably like, WTF when I'm in the audience.

  5. Trifle! Trifle! In big booooooowl!