Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Butterscotch clouds, tangerines, a side order of ham.

It's June now, which means that my Wardrobe Refashion pledge is over. I didn't buy anything retail, but neither did I refashion any clothes, despite my good intentions. Partly I had zero time and infinite other things to think about, and partly I was just kind of turned off by the projects people were posting on the blog. I realize that people's projects were not conceived and executed for my own personal delectation, but I was hoping to get a little inspired by other people's efforts and that just didn't happen. There were only a few projects I liked, and then like billions of pajama pants posted. (Hey, I ain't mad at you, pajama pants.)

It was really good to have an extra reason not to buy anything new (though I still shopped plenty, mostly for ye olde ebay inventory). It's got me thinking that my next project is going to be to keep track of what I actually spend, each tiny expenditure, for a week or a month or whatever, to see how my outgo actually stacks up against my income. I'm good at this stuff intuitively, but I think the hard data will still be interesting or maybe appalling. A first item for my expense tracking: new running shoes. After trying on 20 pair I ended up with almost the same shoes I now have, which are probably too chunky for all the indoor running I'm doing, but which give me the option of "trail running." And I bought them a half-size larger, per the very good running shoe fit guide at sierratradingpost.com. It's going to be a whole new world, yo.

I feel boring today, which I know I'm not supposed to tell you in a blog post, because you will be able to tell anyway.

I have discovered that I would like all scented household products to smell like grapefruit. Is that too much to ask? Why is it so hard to find grapefruit-scented room spray? I am so desperate for this particular citrus that I spent $10 on a fucking candle yesterday. It stinks so good. I have also been wielding my drill a lot, which makes me feel like all that is woman. Do have something you want me to drill? I can drill it.

I accidentally had a very visually exciting weekend, first because I sang at a memorial service at the chapel at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis. (I'd send you to the cemetery website, but you have to click through a bunch of shit to get to the chapel page, and the page doesn't have its own link. Stupid java.) The chapel, which I sadly failed to photograph, is modeled on the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, and the inside is mosaic-licious. It is apparently the most perfect example of Byzantine mosaic art in the US, made of 10 million tessellae. It was a fabulous thing to contemplate.

Second on my visual excitement tour of Mpls was the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, which we wandered around for a few hours on Sunday. The Brit and I have both been there countless times, but can always lose ourselves there. My favorite thing of the day was a 1906 living room by John S. Bradstreet, from a mansion in Duluth--which, if you don't know, is the MN gateway to Lake Superior. Bradstreet was an interior designer and I am now his fan. The room, which you can't see at all in the above link because it is a link to an armchair, is note-perfect (I mean if you like Prairie School and Art Nouveau and Asian stuff), and the idea that you could be chilling in such a room with two spectacular views of Lake Superior--well, that is a very pleasing idea to me. I just found another link about it, so click and pretend you're in grade school.

That's all I got, internets. Time to take my apron-wearing ass out the house.


  1. Yay for the scent of grapefruit! Sometimes I think I want grapefruit perfume.

    You sound like little Jude: "I can drill it."

    I went to a wedding at the Lakewood Chapel; so beautiful.

    The giant wild turkey at 280 and Energy Park Drive says hello.

  2. I too love the scent of grapefruit. I especially love grapefruit-scented dish soap because it cuts through the scent of cooked food so well. Mmm, grapefruit.

    Wendell, why don't you have grapefruit perfume? I'm sure you could find some!