Sunday, July 08, 2007

They stand in the way of love and we will smoke them all.

June kind of bit me in the ass, my friends. I spent way too much of it thinking about or dealing with my various pee issues and now I have, like, a mini-cold. I am grateful that it is mini, but still, the sinus pressure has been enough that I have needed constant naps the past few days. Really really ridiculous. Shall I tell you about my kidney infection? I think I won't, except to say that kidney pain ain't no joke, and surprisingly I have not missed coffee during this toxic time in my life.

Other odds and ends:

I bought this on etsy:

I have been digging the following blogs:
Poppytalk, a Canadian design blog.
Shelterrific, a home blog.

I'm teaching, or wrangling, at an opera camp for the next two weeks, which should be good times. I keep thinking about the things I usually get done during the day, though, and it's confusing me that I'm going to be employed in a more standard way instead.

I have not practiced the dance combo from my sister's hip-hop class in 1.5 weeks. I am going to be tragic in this week's class.

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