Friday, August 10, 2007

Really turning my crank.

Through the magic of internet linkage that I will not detail here, I have discovered a new tiny thing to covet: a pressure handwasher that does wee loads of laundry by harnessing 1) pressure and 2) the power of your own arm. Science and muscle! What's not to like?

I've seen two of these in my surfing, though I am sure there are more: first, the Wonder Clean, available at the very rad Lehman's, an Ohio company founded to serve the Amish and others living without electricity; and second, the Wonder Wash, available from The Laundry Alternative.

Both products run about $45 and operate on the same principle: when you put warm or hot water into the drum and seal the lid, the heat pressurizes the air inside the drum and forces detergent through your clothes very quickly. A load takes about 2 minutes to wash, and you crank it by hand. You can either rinse in the drum with fresh water, or in your sink. Either way, this device uses far less water than a conventional machine and (duh) no electricity. Not practical for big families, in my opinion, but very very good for lots of other folks.

The next England post is coming, I promise.


  1. The Amish are greener than green.

  2. I can see using this, especially since it's not uncommon to need to wash one item at a time.

  3. from the Laundry Alternative description:

    Is ideal for... the housewife with small frequent loads like hand washables and diapers.


  4. I know, gag gag gag gag. Gag!

    But I still like the product.