Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And that's the way I like it.

You are so savvy that you already know this, but you can text-message Google for information on the fly. My friend Laura told me about this awhile back, and only lately have I truly embraced the fact that if I am driving aimlessly in a suburb where I know there is a Unique Thrift store that I can't find, I can text "Unique Thrift Crystal MN" to 466453 (that's "google") and I will get results in seconds (FYI: it's in New Hope, not Crystal). Living in the future is so wonderful.

Speaking of the future: the Brit and I heard a barfy song in the car today that started out "this is the first day of the future" and just got worse the longer it went on, as though the singer had kept hitting "refresh" on a cliche generator until he had a long enough string of them for a song. I have since found out that this song is a Ben Lee song, and I am sorry if you enjoy the work of Ben Lee. "Love Me Like the World is Ending" (the song's title) is not a bad sentiment, and I sort of liked that song "Catch My Disease," though I see from the lyrics that it is truly nonsensical and not really in an appealing way.

I'm not really here to hate on Claire Danes's ex-boyfriend, however. It's true that in Minneapolis alone there are probably 500 people in coffeehouses with guitars who are singing original songs better than "Love Me Like the World is Ending," but what I really want to talk about is how you should be able to register your displeasure at a DJ's choices by turning off the radio. The Brit and I have been talking about this recently, about how DJs should be able to get real-time feedback about a song by tracking the number of radios that are turned off when the song is played. I mean if you really want to register your foul displeasure personally it is now completely possible to do so, at least at The Current, where DJs like to broadcast their email addresses for requests and the like. So if you want to be douchey and just say "this song suxxx," you certainly can, or you could be a big self-important music snob and try to start a serious debate about it via email. But I like the idea of plain old anonymous numbers telling the story: thousands of radios all over the metro, clicking off at the sound of Ben Lee's (or whoever's) voice.

I have about three other blog posts cooking. One of them is really just about the aftermath of all my UTI/kidney infection trauma, and how I apparently now need to retrain my paranoid bladder so that I'm not getting up twice a night for to piss. If this is a preview of old age, I am seriously not impressed. I guess that doesn't merit its own post, especially since I could just stop hydrating at about 9 PM and solve my own problems.

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