Monday, August 20, 2007

Can you stand the rain?

I've been using the free service Auctiva to list and manage my ebay auctions for awhile. It's not without its total pains in the arse--namely, the speed of photo uploads and the overall interface--but ebay can be such a nightmare that I prefer this for now. Also, image hosting is free and you get these cool scrolling galleries.

Well, because I am sometimes stupid for a smart person, I failed to notice that Auctiva also gives you a free storefront. It's basically just a shell for your ebay auctions, but still, it looks decent, and you can buy whatever domain name you want for $6.95 a year. So behold: is live, and I even made a tiny banner to de-genericize the template. I will now feel more pressure to make sure I have stuff listed for sale every week. Lord knows I have enough crap stockpiled. I don't mean "crap," of course, I mean "lovely treasures I've just unearthed" and "justification for daily Goodwill scans."

Speaking of which, I am starting to notice other resellers in town when I'm scouting around for ebay stuff. One woman who owns a fabulous vintage dress shop in St Paul is always at Goodwill right when it opens on $1.50 tag sale Tuesdays, and though I love her work I can't help thinking "nuh-UH baaaatch" and quickening my pace when I see her heading for the dresses. An old guy beat me to a small rolling wood and metal cart and an HOUR later I saw it sitting out in front of an antique furniture shop in my hood. There's a scary blond lady who paws Goodwill by the pound bins in gloves and snatches up cartloads of everything. Another by the pound regular pointed out to me the dude who hoards all of the pretty vintage boots and sells them on ebay. Stand warned, you people. I'm onto you.

In other news, Jude and my dad both have birthdays today. There was a wild toddler fest of a party at my sister's house yesterday, which Henry capped by firing up the "High School Musical 2" CD he gave his brother as a gift and engaging in some frenetic breakdancing. He mostly does crazylegs but there is some proto-worming too, and he does it all with a deadly serious face. You'd best not step to him.

This weather is bullshit, by the way. Too cold, too rainy, too gray, too washing away bridges and drowning houses and people in SE MN. I am grateful, as ever, for what I have, for what never even touches me. I am also grateful that the family's convening about a mile away for birthday party leftovers, and I am grateful that I will be joining the Brit afterwards to watch more Simon Schama's A History of Britain. Dudes, you must get into the Schama. Because of last night's installment, I've been thinking about Thomas Becket all day.


  1. Yeah, the rain does suck, but my cracked feet rejoiced because I finally wore socks yesterday.

    I am totally out of the loop on the "High School Musical".


  2. A couple weeks ago I went to the library booksale down the street, where they sell all their discarded books and donations. The places was full of Ebayers and book dealers. While I was there, two full-on fights broke out in the history section. Y'all re-sellers is keerazy. :)