Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh by the way.

I am going to be futzing with my template until I find something I like. Since the move from diaryland, I've been dissatisfied with the look of the blog but couldn't be bothered to sit and figure out something better. The end product will probably look like this but with a different header, and probably different colors. Just FYI.

Here's a picture of me on a mountain in William Wordsworth/Beatrix Potter country, to tide you over:

Day 2: Ahhhhh.


  1. My mom used to call her mother-in-law an old futz. As a curious 10 year old, I asked her what "futz" meant. Her reply: something that is not very nice.

    I looked it up in my German-English dictionary.

    Then I had to ask dear old mom what "cunt" meant.

    So seeing you futzing around with your template made me giggle a bit.