Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Filling up my senses.

I haven't been very forthcoming with the original content this week, have I? I still really don't feel like contenting your asses, either. I feel like posting more pictures of kitties, or of peeling paint, or sidewalk graffiti, or tree branches.

I've been walking down alleyways a lot lately. This is something I have always liked to do, but now I'm walking with my camera and photographing small things. I like to see what people are putting out as trash: computers, bikes, furniture. I am also consistently charmed by people who plant flowers out behind the garage. It seems like such a magnanimous gesture, to wedge your zinnias between a retaining wall and the pavement, so that your neighbors will see something beautiful before they park their cars.

I wouldn't say that having a digital camera has made me a better photographer--I still haven't learned how to use 70 percent of its functions, for example--but it certainly has made me more attentive to color and texture and juxtaposition. Carrying a camera around encourages seeing in a particular way, one with which you are probably already familiar because you like art and you thrift shop and do crafty shit. There are plenty of amazing things I don't bother to photograph because there is no adequate way to contain the experience. Maybe that's why I've been taking pictures of manageable vignettes.

Hmm. Hmmm, hmm. "Manageable vignettes" is probably how I should organize my days. Too much big picture is paralyzing.

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