Friday, September 28, 2007

The flavor of the month is slowly melting in your mouth.

Friday favorites:
Friday faves.

I'm finding that I enjoy pictures of the following:
1. Complementary colors.
2. Weird/interesting textures.
3. Graffiti and signage.
4. Extreme close-ups of plant life.
5. Old stuff.
6. Cats.

Not so much:
1. Portraits of children I don't know (feels exploitive).
2. Misty portraits of pregnant people I don't know (ditto).
3. National Geographic-style portraits of "ethnic" people I don't know (ditto).
4. Most landscapes (usually too much to take in).
5. Stuff with hackneyed captions. There should be a whole flickr group for this.


  1. That panda/KISS mural is crazy!

    Happy sunny Friday to you!

  2. Lovely collection of pics! I especially like the second one. I'm so enamored of blues and browns lately.

  3. michelle/weaker vessel9/28/07, 8:01 PM

    Okay, I'll admit it -- I got drawn out of the solipsistic cocoon of my Google Reader by the Posies ref. O MY GOD how we love that album. Totally agree with you on your flickr faves ethical/aesthetic calculus, love your new blog design, and am, as always, sending a small steady stream of affinity, fellow-feeling, and good vibes your way.

  4. I would like some examples of hackneyed captions, please. At your leisure.

  5. A classic example would be "The road not taken" or "The road less traveled" and then it is a picture of an empty road stretching off into the distance, possibly black and white OR color-manipulated, you choose. Anything captioned "hope" or "esperanza" etc is likely to be a flower or a child looking out a window. Why do I know about such pics? Because they invariably end up on Explore.

  6. Normally I don't care for "trendy" stuff, but I like the blue and brown pic, too. Maybe it's the texture in the photo. It's just a clever photo.