Sunday, September 02, 2007

Going to the chapel.

C-Mo and the BFS got married yesterday and thanks to their reception, I spent my morning feeling like a complete rookie. Last night I wasn't, though. Last night I was the master of the microphone. One good thing about me is that I will help anyone sing just about anything at karaoke. I also tried a new song, "Walk on By," which is maybe not appropriate for a wedding reception, but if you think about it at least half of all pop songs are not appropriate for wedding receptions. I also did "Love Shack." This was important to me because I have been perturbed for two years, every time it comes up, about the way "Love Shack" was disrespected at the last karaoke wedding reception I attended. Now I can let the healing begin.

My prom date.So that stuff was all good. The wedding was good. The "party potatoes" served at the reception were good ("ohhhh, this is bad for me," my dad said, after his first taste). We took a lot of prom-style photographs, and that, to me, was hilarious, as you can see at left. BCSM squired me around, which was nice not only because the Brit was at another wedding in a different state, but also because I hadn't seen him in months. I drunk-dialed Dom, which was maybe good, maybe not. He didn't pick up the phone, and that was a solid move on his part.

What was not good is how all the booze-sampling I did led to a really heinous hangover. That in itself might have been manageable with sleep, water, and some me-time on the turlet, but I had to get up fairly early to get in someone else's car with four other people and ride 4+ hours back home. Haha. Hahahaha. You can see where this is going, right? We actually had to pull over on the interstate so I could yak a tiny bit of water out the door. See what I mean about rookie shit?

I left my rookie shit on the side of the highway.

In happier news, Marigoldie tipped me off about some more Wardrobe Remix-related props I have received on the internets: the Wardrobe Remix post at Mightygirl links a couple of my photos. Like her tagline says: famous among dozens.


  1. Please be assured that while other people are whooping it up on the holiday weekend, I'm home reading blogs.

    Is "party potatoes" a euphemism for something? (If not, it should be.)

    This reminds me of another yakking story you told once, but I can't remember the location. Have you ever yakked at the airport? I haven't, but SSB has a good story. That will be all. Good night.

  2. I think the story you're thinking of is over here. Decidedly worse.

    "Party potatoes" is actually what they were called. My mom and I were laughing about this as we went through the buffet line.

  3. Oh my gosh! You were on MightyGirl?! That's HUGE!! I read that blog, like, everyday! Multiple times! Congrats!

  4. Yesterday your blog would not allow me to super size that photo. And I was bummed.

    But today! Man, those colors are explosive and fantastic. You work it well.