Thursday, September 13, 2007

Worth thousands of words.

Lately when I have downtime I've been bopping around on flickr and finding images to love. I found a group called "Sidewalk Aphorisms" that is right up my alley because it documents things like this:

Then I thought "what if someone has been taking pictures at my brother's shows? I will search for his band" and voila, I found this picture by Julia of Knitterly Things:

Also I've just really been enjoying the fact that you can mark photos as favorites--here are mine--and make collages etc with any images you like, e.g.:
I am having a collage problem.

Thank you, interweb, for all the eye candy.

I've also been hearting prints over at etsy, for that day when I finally decide to buy some wall art. See for example:

Heart Attack
by magicjelly

Cooper No. 1 by margin

Pink Dandelions by AzureGrackle

Fall by mLee

Charlie Bird by matteart

Chatter on the Line by birdnerd

(All pics are obviously property of the artists and clicking on the pictures will take you to the artist's etsy shop.)

And here, for good measure, are some pictures I took yesterday on my birthday photohunt:
Favorite of the day.

Another fave.

I am eating leftover apple crisp for my midmorning meal. I think it's the first one I've ever made. And I could eat this stuff all day long.


  1. michelle/weaker vessel9/13/07, 10:13 AM

    Welcome to 33! It's been my best year ever so far. I hope it's good to you, my dear. I deeply heart every one of the images you splashed up here and bow in recognition to a fellow lover of teal. happy happy happy everything to you.

  2. Michelle, I'm hoping the same for my christ year.

    Marigoldie: thanks, I totally made him that way.