Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Convenience is the enemy.

Yesterday I had that day where you wake up and suddenly realize you are fatter. To celebrate, I went to the gym and listened to a Russell Brand podcast. You know what's funny? Listening to a comedy show while you try to lift weights in the very very serious weight room. Everyone is grimly exhaling and looking at their muscles in the mirror and meanwhile I'm trying to curl 12 pound dumbbells with noodle arm due to audibly laughing at something that no one else can hear. I was truly entertained, but it was probably not my most efficient session with the freeweights.

This brings me to my next point. Getting exercise 6 days a week is easy when your schedule is pretty much your own AND the weather is beautiful. When it is cold crappy soup-and-baking weather and you can't find time to go the post office, you're lucky if you can get gymified twice a week. In other words, my 30 day experiment to see whether I could manage to exercise everyday was successful but not, apparently, sustainable, unless I want to give up other things such as lounging around watching sitcoms or picking outfits for other wardrobe remixers.

So I have a new 30 day experiment about cutting out sugar and stuff. I've done this before, so it shouldn't be too difficult, and perhaps it'll help me control the inevitable winter logeyness that I usually address with baked goods and naps. Also I think my mind easily becomes a dark and scary place when I am not eating well. Would someone please just come over and chop vegetables for me? Thanks.


  1. It is funny how the physical realizations hit. From: I'm super fly and look good in everything! To: What in the hell? I ride this roller coaster on the reg.

    Sugar is the devil, yo. But I can't stop baking . . .though I find I eat less and less of it when I bake for others.

    Cheers fruits and veggies.

  2. i think i had that day yesterday too when i woke up in the morning with the typical round face i get after a night of beer and/or pizza. only there was no beer and/or pizza the night before. i'm finding it extremely hard to hit the gym now that i've started a new job which means new schedule and new tiredness and new wanttogohomeandstayinbedNOWness. but i'll get the hang of it...eventually...i hope.

  3. Amen to this whole post.

    I'm feeling the beginnings of winter despair, and my annual desire to drive south and/or move away.

    Exercise keeps me sane during the cooler months, I think.

  4. Hi Maven! I discovered you at d-land not long before you moved to blogger, and I sometimes check in to your bl0gspot feed. I had that day when i suddenly realized i was fatter over the summer, and boy does it suck. Especially since i was still working out regularly. It was like, one week my pants were fine, several weeks later, everything was tight! I suspect three things at play....the fact that i'm 33, the fact that I enjoy baking/cooking, and...thanks to my doctor's suggestion, possibly the Pill. Good luck w/ your sugar-free experiment. :-)