Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Harvest for the world.

One of my favorite co-ops is closing down this weekend, after 37 years. It's the funkiest, grungiest, hippie-est, commie-est of the local co-ops, most of which have become shiny supermarkets recently, with attendant price-hikes and everything. I blogged about one of its stinky cashiers awhile back (and bonus, the link takes you to an entry that is also about chin herpes).

This place, located in the heart of university-land, verily got me through graduate school, nutritionally speaking. I can't believe that the co-op is going to be finished before I'm done with my gotdamn terminal degree. Incidentally, I recently renewed all of my thesis-related books, again. I've had them for like two years and I would just like to say here, for the record, that I will not be renewing them ever again, no matter what happens.

Anyway, the co-op is selling off its inventory. I'd go over if you need bulk foods or supplements. I saw one hippie buy like 20 organic frozen pizzas today. The place is bonkers.

Speaking of bonkers, checkout Jumpsuit McGillicuddy over there. This is my favorite picture from today's etsy photoshoot. Will anyone buy it? Does it really matter? I do like to think of wearing it to the gym. It would make my jogging a lot more hilarious. What I should have done is wear it to see Ozzy Osbourne with the Brit this evening, but a) I didn't go and b) he would have been embarrassed to death. I'm hardly rock enough as it is, even without a terrycloth jumpsuit and character shoes. I look like a crazy retiree on her way to tap class.

NaBloPoMo, bitches! It's going to be like this every day!

Except maybe without the jumpsuit.


  1. Well, it's just the EXACT piece that I needed but couldn't figure out how to acquire for the Halloween Costume That Wasn't. I was going to be WordGirl because that's what they call me at the office. This would've been perfect for my superhero costume base. Ah well. Looks awesome on you, of course! Tappa tappa tappa!

  2. Love the McGillicuddy tag.

  3. Well, shit. Maybe next year.

    I would've KILLED for tappa tappa tappa.

  4. I too am sad about the co-op. I work near there & am now fretting about where the heck i'm going to get my fruit & veggie fix or buy the yogurt I like if I don't bring any to work. I wish they could hold out just a bit longer - I really think they could've seen an increase in business.
    so sad.