Monday, October 15, 2007

I am a stabbing robot.

Sorry I've been so silent, you cats. Two weeks from now it'll be November, and then I'll join NaBloPoMo again, and you'll have access to a month-long crap stream, courtesy of me. And speaking of being a joiner: as you no doubt have realized if you read any other blogs, today is Blog Action Day. The environment's on my mind anyway and it's probably on yours, but I am nothing if not an armchair activist and bandwagoneer, so to raise your consciousness, here are some extremely basic and uninventive things I do to reduce my impact.

1. Any plastic bag that enters my jurisdiction is going to get reused. If you order something from me on ebay, it will likely be wrapped in a target bag or (clean) vegetable bag. I also wash plastic bags, and if that isn't a labor of guilt and love I don't know what is. It's an irritating job.
2. I'm trying to bus commute. You'd be surprised at how ridiculous this has been for me. While learning the ropes of the local routes, I have stood on a corner while the bus I'm supposed to board drives on by me TWICE. They were different corners and different bus routes and totally not my fault but STILL. I have also done a park and ride thing that works okay, and is a necessary evil for those days when I need to go somewhere else across town right after work.
3. I got a Mr. Bento, which I hope will eliminate plastic bags from my lunch and prevent me from buying prefab salads and sushi in plastic containers. Also I hope it will encourage me to make very cute lunches.

This has nothing to do with the environment, but I've been watching a lot of 30 Rock. I recommend you do the same.


  1. Oh, I'm still chuckling about your bus many times has that happened to me? Hm... :)

  2. I hate washing the plastic bags but have been doing the same and feeling equally virtuous!

  3. Those Bento deals are reason to join the workforce. Not that I have one.

    Also, 30 Rock is the best show ever.

  4. Tina Fey: "Why are you wearing a tuxedo?"

    Alec Baldwin: "It's after six. What am I, a farmer?"


  5. Favorite 30 Rock quote: "Sneaky Tawainese tranny who stole my watch..."

    So glad you've discovered the genius of my now favorite show.

  6. BCSM, I just watched that one the other day and DIED. But I'm pretty sure my favorite line was Kenneth repeating Tracy's 3 rules for a happy marriage: "...and work that vajayjay."

    I also laughed really hard at Tina Fey working at her laptop with headphones on and singing "Maybe" from ANNIE really loudly.

  7. Plastic bags will guilt me to death.

    Love the 30 Rock.

    Glad you made an attempt on Blog Action Day. Mine was rather feeble, but I tried!

    (PS - Just happened here randomly. Nice blog!)

  8. I love my Mr. Bento, but I gotta warn you, after a few months of using it all and blah, I stopped using the containers and big vacuum thing entirely. Now I just use the sack with various plastic take-out containers filled with random stuff, or one of those square tupperware things filled with a sandwich. It's less heavy, and I can fit way more food, which probably defeats the purpose of the smaller container portion control thing. But! I love the sack. Really, it ended up being a $50 sack. But it's a $50 sack that I use every day, and have, for two years.