Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My sister Em took me (and the Brit, to his chagrin, as it turned out) to see Final Fantasy at 7th St Entry last weekend, as a belated birthday present. Final Fantasy is the awesome one-man project of Owen Pallett, who has his own Wikipedia entry (that's the link). The short version: super-talented, co-wrote string arrangements for Arcade Fire albums, won the inaugural Polaris Music Prize (which is for best full-length Canadian album). I'm a fan. He does that violin + tape-looping thing that I love so well, and that requires incredible rhythmic control and systematic sound layering. It's really cool to see live. Also he tours with a projectionist who uses an old-school overhead projector to execute little hand-drawn "movies" during the performance. Look him up on youtube. I'm sure there are a million videos--he even accused the audience of watching too much youtube at one point during the show, probably when people were requesting that he perform a Mariah Carey cover.

Anyhoodle, this post isn't about Final Fantasy, although now I suppose it kind of is. What I was going to tell you is that Em has a grownup job downtown in a place that is legit but appears to be fake (no signage, lots of card tables inside to accommodate new hires), and she has many hilarious stories about crazy people on the bus. I am convinced that she needs to be blogging about these people or maybe podcasting because her delivery is so entertaining, but in the absence of either, here is an excerpt from an email she sent me about hanging out with the nephews:
The Jimmy Lemon lady wasn’t on the bus this morning so instead I will tell you about a few things that the boys said to me (and people around me) last night.

Mol: "Hey Henry do you know what Elizabeth [Em's roommate] does for a job?"
H: "No."
Mol: "She’s a scientist."
H: "Oh."
Mol (to us): "Henry told me when he grows up he wants to be a scientist and when I asked him why he decided on that career path he told me 'because they don’t work they just make discoveries.'"

Jude: "Hey Emmy, you need to go to jail."
Me: "What?! What for?"
Jude: "Prison."

[N.B. Em does not have a car, which is a constant source of fascination/consternation to the kids, because is she a real grownup? What does it mean?]
Henry: "Do you want to know what I think you should do?"
Me: "Yes, please. I am awaiting your infinite wisdom."
Henry: "Learn to drive."


  1. oooh I LOVE final fantasy! How did the music translate as performance? When I saw TV on the Radio a few years ago I was intensely disappointed & I think it was because they are so production-heavy that it didn't translate well to stage. I'm jealous. I really need to get more hip to this town so I don't end up drooling on the couch at 7pm. It happens, I guess.

  2. Well that's the thing, isn't it, it's so easy to end up drooling on the couch. I thanked Em heartily for forcing me to go out--we both agreed that it's kind of a pain in the ass to go to shows, but it's almost always worthwhile. And the music was awesome live--translated extremely well because he doesn't rely on the studio to make all those crazy sounds. So there were some horns missing and stuff, but otherwise all the components were there.