Sunday, October 07, 2007

Odds, ends.

I saw these shoes in person yesterday:


They are ludicrous and they are (for me) expensive. They are wood-heeled Fryes, t-strap pumps in a shiny, distressed pewter color. There was a solitary pair at Urban Outfitters on clearance for $80, but they were a size too big, so that I didn't even have to think about trying them on.

So the shoes have awakened a bit of covetousness in my heart. The other thing that has made me feel sort of acquisitive lately: cruising through Anthropologie twice in the last two weeks, on a break between some lessons I teach nearby. Here's the thing about that store: there is just no other place that sells the pants I want. I am craving ludicrously wide-legged pants. I think I want to dress like a hippie samurai. (Not exactly the Anthro aesthetic, but they could totally supply me with the components.)

In non-consumer news, if you are into opera and into podcasts (this, I realize, is probably a tiny sliver of my readership), you should subscribe to OperaNow!, the brainchild of a friend of mine. It's been truckin along for awhile now, but because I never have an hour in which to tool out to podcasts, I only started listening to all the episodes I've downloaded when I became a bus commuter last week. It's basically a news-of-the-opera-world kind of show, and it manages to be informative and hilarious--to me, anyway--at the same time. I'm sure this is at least in part because the moderator is someone I know, but I feel confident in saying that even if you've never met any of the panelists, you'll probably dig it.

While you're subscribing to that, you might also want to subscribe to Russell Brand's crazy-ass radio show from BBC radio 2. Dude is manically funny. You could also just subscribe to this and not the opera one, in case you happen to be a British comedy fan who is not also into news of the opera world.

If you hate podcasts, don't bother with any of it. Except the shoes. You should subscribe me to them.


  1. Those shoes are hot.

    I have found some wide legged pants at Ann Taylor Loft, milady. Jeans and khakis.


  2. The coveting. The coveting has begun.


  3. Speaking of opera, I read this about an hour ago: The first opera in history to be recorded was Pagliacci by Ruggiero Leoncavallo and the recording was made by Puerto Rican tenor Antonio Paoli in 1907.

    I didn't know who else to share that with.

  4. Wendell, that is a good tip. But ATL is often a secret weapon of mine, so I already checked there, and the pants aren't wide enough for my vision. I'm telling you LUDICROUSLY WIDE. Like hakama pants.

    Violet, no shit.

    Madness, thank you. Of course you should share that with me, and I didn't know it, and how weird that it was a Puerto Rican and not an Italian in the recording.

  5. For a weird instant I saw the first line of this post as, "I saw these shoes in prison yesterday."

    Must lay off the quaaludes.