Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And I want, and I need, and I lust.

I said I didn't want hot (read: stupidly high-heeled) boots, but I tried on a pair of these Fryes the other day and I have actually had dreams featuring them:

It turns out they're on sale everywhere. I am posting them here in order to purge them from my subconscious. Don't I have better things to think about?

Then on my lesson break yesterday I went to Anthropologie and tried on several perfect pairs of trousers. I know this is a common reaction to Anthropologie, but: that place hurts me. There are too many pretty things and I start thinking that I could actually give a crap about expensive clothes. It's easy enough for me to walk through a department store or all the vomity mall stores and say "feh," but what about when there's a beautifully-designed shop packed to the gills with the exact clothes you want to wear? It's a good thing I'm so cheap.

I am really busy this week, but so far feeling good about this busyness. Lots happening at work, lots of teaching, two new students last night, helping with the kiddos today, practicing diligently because I have a gig this weekend--an extremely famous and commonplace concert piece that I have somehow never sung before and it's too low for me. I am Ethel-Mermaning my ass off, or singing in Scary Man Voice (which is the phrase I use to get wispy high school sopranos to access their chest register). I also have to teach a masterclass before my first rehearsal. I have done this before, but never to an unknown population, so that will be good times, especially after getting up early to make the drive. But the Brit is coming with me and hopefully we will have a delicious if mighty cold mini-vacaycay in the hotel that is my payment for the masterclass.

Okay. Time to get Jude from preschool. Here's hoping I can figure out how to install his booster seat in my car.


  1. Those boots don't look too ridiculously high-heeled. They're gorgeous, and now I want a pair too. Thanks.

  2. Those are beeeeyoootiful boots! I want the dark brown ones.

  3. "Don't I have better things to think about?" -- I hope not.

    Anthropologie has such lovely clothes, but I always feel like I'm wearing a costume when I wear their stuff. Like I have to acquire a 1960 Ford Falcon and have, like, a delightful picnic, or something. I feel the same way about Kate Spade's stuff. Did you ask? You did NOT!

    Break a leg in your performance piece, miss! You will rock the house, I know, Scary Man voice or no.


  4. Violet, I know what you mean. It's the twee factor. I mean I don't want ALL of my clothes to be embellished with floral embroidery. But my god, the trousers. I could go drop $1000 on the trou, easily.