Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bad idea genes.

I can't believe I didn't blog about this earlier, but Jude has more than once done this thing at family meals where he requests to have an "Amish dinner" and then he runs around the house turning off all of the electric lights while the rest of us are eating.

For him "Amish" is probably simply synonymous with "candlelight," but as far as I'm concerned that doesn't make "Amish dinner" at a three year old's instigation any less funny.

Unrelated: here is the difference between the genetic code and a genome sequence. Here's a good excerpt:
[The genetic code is] a description of how a string of information (aggtgcgatagct, or k2 p2 ssk turn) can create a product with a shape and function (an enzyme, or a sock).
The genetic code is almost identical in every single living thing: that means you and your cat and your pot plant and the bacteria eating your teeth. All those leaves and brains and hair and having-more-than-one cell fripperies are just modifications of a basic mechanism, billions of years old, for taking DNA information and making it into protein activity.
If you do not find this breathtaking then you are dead inside and you should probably stop reading this and quit your job and lead a life of solitary contemplation in a turf hut until you are capable of human feeling.
In the Building Treasures for Myself in Heaven department, I got up at 3:30 this morning to take the Brit to the airport. On the way home I clipped a trashcan in the alley and knocked my passenger side mirror off. What a dumb thing to have to spend money on. PS, I did the same thing to my Saturn back in 2000. Feh.

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  1. So how did the subject of the Amish come up in the first place?

    On second thought, those boys must come up with 100 crazy, intelligent questions a day.