Sunday, November 04, 2007

By request.

There really isn't a special secret to my photo setup for wardrobe pictures. It's actually kind of bootleg. For most of the pictures, I use a backdrop (AKA tablecloth) that I use for ebay and etsy photos; it's strung up on this wire thing from IKEA and I can just push it out of the way when I'm done. I have a little $15 telescoping tabletop tripod from Target that fits in my (admittedly giant) purses, so I can really take it anywhere. The tripod is critical for getting good head-to-toe shots. It doesn't have to be a good tripod. I would really like one of these gorillapods, though, because then finding a flat surface upon which to set the tripod wouldn't be necessary. But generally I just put my tripod on a table.

The other thing I do is set my camera's timer to snap 5 shots in succession. It's a lot easier, I find, to get one decent shot this way, particularly because the whole process is kind of funny and by the third shot or so you're too internally amused to look weird and stiff.

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  1. Obliged. The stack of books doesn't work so well.