Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Close call.

I totally almost just failed NaBloPoMo. You know why? Because season 3 of Veronica Mars has been all up in my mailbox. I had hot ebay plans for this evening and instead, after a punishing run at the gym, I watched four episodes straight (with one hourlong break to talk to a friend on the phone). Ahhhhhhh, smartmouth girl teen TV, how I have missed thee.

I had a song I wanted to stream for you via Radio Blog Club, but naturally it is too 90s and obscure and I can't find it. If you have access to Trip Shakespeare and you like a slow altco groove, track down "If You Miss Me." It was the last thing on my ipod at the gym this evening, and it really filled my hole.

At the selfsame gym, I ran into a dude from undergrad, a former co-star of mine (operatically speaking), someone who actually has a shot at this music thing. I didn't know he was living here. He's looking at a career change already and I can't tell you how this refreshes me. Of course it also refreshes me when people I know and like are doing well in the opera world, but here's the thing: most people I know aren't enjoying it that much because it comes with so many sacrifices.

I just get a happy when I talk to someone who is trying to iron out all these life-choice wrinkles because it makes me feel less asea, less alone.

Now I have to go to bed so that I can get up and have a really really long day tomorrow. I will be thinking about V Mars all day long.


  1. So I have been lurking on your blog for a while having found you via Wardrobe Remix. But now I love you even more and I can't lurk because YAY Veronica Mars love. Also, she dresses in a generic-ish way, but I haven't been able to resist picking up some of her clothes, which kind of ties into both things.

  2. I miss Veronica Mars and even Logan's pukka shell necklace. Sigh. But you know, for me that gap this week has been filled by "Friday Night Lights" Season One of which I did watch 3 episodes in a row last night. I do not like:
    1) Football, esp. HS and College ball
    2) Texas, at least not much.

    But dang, so many people recommended it I had to try it and I like this show. Oh how it grows on you - the teens aren't witty or self-effacing but kind of real and the adults aren't shabby either. Good writing, I swear!

  3. Oh, Maven, you make my work days happier.

  4. Monkey, welcome!
    Kyla, thanks for the rec. I have to admit that the look on Logan's face when he realized V was screening his calls on the last ep I watched last night--well, it made me cry. Oh Jason Dohring.
    Tricia, I am glad to help. That's one thing about NaBloPoMo. At least you get daily content. I'm thinking about continuing through the end of the year. Why not? Now how about YOU make MY work days happier? I accept pictures of kittens.