Saturday, November 03, 2007

Don't believe the hype.

The beginning of a phone conversation with Jude:

Maven: "Hi Jude, whatcha doing?"
Jude: "Taking off a band-aid."
Maven: "Oh, did you have an owie?"
Jude: "Yes, Mama is taking it off fast."
Maven: "That's good; then it won't pull on your skin so much."
Jude: "Yeah."
Maven: "What else are you doing? Are you playing?"
Jude: "I am hanging out. And then when I'm done hanging out, I'm going to do some fast Michael Jackson music dancing."
Maven [dying]: "Oh, that sounds like a good plan."

My sister and BIL have been painting to make the new baby's room ready. Mol told me it's lavender and fuchsia. I laughed really hard about this because I thought she was joking, but she wasn't. I'm sure it looks better than it sounds. They're having a girl, can you tell?

Anyway, once they started painting the one room, everything else started to look a little busted and dingy. You know how that goes. So they painted the boys' room too, but get this: BIL had to use a paint scraper to get the boogers off the wall next to the boys' beds. I have seen both kids wipe boogers on the wall, so this was not surprising to me, but I am laughing about it still.

Other things I have laughed at recently: season two of Extras, which is excruciating. I laughed especially hard at the special features on the disc, like this one about how Ricky Gervais likes to tape up his editor. The dude is mental, but it is hilarious.

I laughed less at American Gangster last night, but that movie wasn't supposed to be funny. Worth seeing, though, even if Denzel is just sort of doing his Denzel thing, all charismatic and smooth with his shiny veneers. Spoiler: there are a lot of close-ups of smack being shot, so if you're woozy about needles, stand warned.


  1. Hydrogen peroxide, including Oxyclean or Vivid, will remove dried boogers from walls.

    Please do not ask me why I know this.

  2. This is off topic, but will you do a post describing your setup for taking your wardrobe pictures? I can never seem to get a good full-length shot.

  3. Mol is prepping for a Bollywood baby is seems.

    Denzel has a spectacular gait about him though, doesn't he? I could pass some time watching him walk around, smoothing his suit, sucking his overbite.