Saturday, November 24, 2007

Eat it.

Every year I make some sort of dish for Thanksgiving dinner and it ends up getting way sidelined, which is probably to be expected. I can't help making it voluminous and main-coursey, and everyone else can only manage to eat like two spoonfuls of it. This is okay, because I end up with lots of leftovers.

This year I made up a dish based on this simple lentil salad over at everybody like sandwiches. (NB: I can't keep up with many food blogs, but I really like this one because she basically looks in the fridge and comes up with her recipes that way, which is very consistent with the way I cook.) This salad will make you feel healthy and virtuous, I promise. It is also tasty and vegan.

A whole pantload of Lentil Wheatberry Salad:

+2 cups wheatberries. I used soft ones because that's what I had, but you could use hard wheatberries, and just find some cooking instructions on the internet. The soft ones cook up a little faster. You want to cook them until they are chewy, not mushy. For me this took about 45 minutes in 6 or 8 cups of water.
+1 cup of green lentils, cooked. You could use canned ones, but they cook up fairly quickly, and don't need presoaking.
+Half a red onion, diced.
+A bell pepper of your choice--I had an orange one--diced.
+A pomegranate, disassembled.
+A granny smith apple, diced.
+A half cup or cup of chopped walnuts or some other delicious nut.
+Chopped fresh parsley.
+You could also use celery, carrots, jicama, or pretty much any crunchy vegetable or fruit.
Mix everything in a big bowl.

For the dressing, I used:
+A bunch of olive oil.
+Juiced half a lemon (more would be fine).
+2 tsp of garlic powder (ditto).
+1.5 tsp cumin (or so).
+Balsamic vinegar.
+Salt and pepper.
Whisk together, pour over the salad, and mix it up. Sorry my measurements are imprecise. I had to keep adjusting this after I'd already mixed it into the salad. In fact, the whole process was improvisational and the dish kept getting bigger and bigger. But I'm fine with this. More for me.

This salad improves with age.

Much like you.

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  1. yum! that looks great...and i think i'll have to whip up that salad for dinner (or some variation on it!)