Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If that's what you're into.

From Tina:

This is the kind of stuff I enjoy.

Here, also, is a thrift score report, so that you know it's not all glue and crisis over here. I don't even mind telling you my secret, which is that the Burnsville Unique Thrift across from the mall is giant and full of treasures. All of the Unique Thrifts are great, though, and if you go on tightwad Tuesdays, your whole purchase is 25% off. Among the scores: an Issey Miyake winter coat that looks like a cloud, for 5 American dollars; two other fantastic vintage tailored wool coats, 4 bucks apiece; a wool Esprit dress from the 80s that is going to make some hipster girl very happy, 3 dolla. There's more, but I have to keep some secrets. I opted not to get the fuchsia neoprene DKNY minidress. Probably someone would have bought it from me, but I wasn't interested in trying to wear it for a photoshoot, though that probably would have been hilaaaarious.


  1. Damn, girl! That is a score! I wish to see this Miyake coat. The Mid-west has all the good coats.

    I got a fab one a couple of years ago, which I've probably already mentioned, because it is so extremely fascinating, and you probably noted it in your files. It's an awesome double-breasted camel-hair coat bought for $4 at the Unique Thrift Store in St. Paul.

  2. michelle/weaker vessel11/15/07, 9:05 AM

    Holy shit, that clip was awesome. I love the way the toy piano and maracas suddenly appear and disappear.

    Also, I love vicarious catalogs of other peeps' thrifting scores.

    Also also, just to be safe, I secured and centralized all stray tubes of super glue last night after reading about your harrowing experience. Triple yikes.

    Did I ever tell you I love your new blog design? I do.