Monday, November 12, 2007

Local flava.

Dear Minneapolis, did you know that the New French Bakery at 26th and 26th has a sale every day starting at 4? Rolls and sandwich bread are two-for-one and artisan breads are half price. You never know what's going to be available, but today I walked out with a sourdough boule and a heavenly good baguette for a grand total of $2. I cannot recommend this sale enough, if you're available to get your ass over to Seward between 4 and 6 Monday through Friday. (I don't know about the weekends.)

In the back-to-the-future department, the magic of websurfing landed me on a MN-centric blog written by a dude with whom I went to school between 6th and 12th grade. In fact, I believe we "went together" for about two days. Anyhoo, in scanning his front page I found this thing about praise and its paradoxically negative impact on kids. I have not bothered to investigate the source further because I have other things to read, but there's an observation here about so-called gifted and talented kids turning into quitters that kind of struck a chord with me. I wouldn't say I'm a quitter, but I do think I wasn't pushed enough as a kid because I was smart in a very school-friendly way. In fact, I just commented on Madness's blog today about how I could have used more sports-related life lessons while I was growing up. I have always gotten a lot of rewards for achievement, but have not been encouraged to persist with difficult things. Something to think about.

Even THAT niblet is not the point of having stumbled across this dude's blog, however: I clicked over to his flickr and learned, finally, that all those people I saw tooling around Nicollet Island on Segways while I was teaching at opera camp this summer were not actually in a gang. I am kind of disappointed about this. It was actually a tour of the riverfront area, which is sort of cool and made obscurely hilarious by the whole Segway thing. I cannot dissociate Segways from GOB on Arrested Development.

Now I must go quietly freak out about all my high school classmates who are in this guy's photostream. In case you check your stats and trackbacks, Ed: what up.

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  1. Hey Maven,

    Thanks for the link love, and for the tip about the New French Bakery afternoon sales. I'm going to have to hit that for sure.

    I'll let you know if we get around to starting a Segway bike gang.