Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Now about that crisis.

Around 9 every night, the cat starts tear-assing around the house, hurling his 17 pounds at the closed blinds, biting ankles, munching on the dried hydrangeas in the vases. He's trying to get something started. Sometimes I play with him and sometimes I am just annoyed, and sometimes I am doing something else so I ignore him as best I can. This is why I didn't notice that he jumped off the kitchen island with a tube of superglue in his mouth. He took it over to his scratching pad and bit into it and the glue spurted out. The ensuing sound of manic licking got my attention and then I really did freak the fuck out, I'm not kidding. Yanked the tube, grabbed the cat who became a fat slippery eel, chased him into the basement, carried him up the stairs, wiped out his foaming mouth and splashed water all up in his grill, all the while saying "oh my god oh my god oh my god what do I do what do I do what do I do." I mean if it's a person you call 911, you know?

He wriggled away again and I grabbed my phone, tremblingly looked up emergency vets, tried to call the Brit, whose phone ended up being 6 feet away from me. Ace was hacking and licking the wall, trying to get the glue taste out of his mouth. All of this took about 1 minute, after which time the Brit walked in the door, at the apex of my freakout. He clipped right onto my mood and started yelling, but took control of the cat while I found a phone number.

Eventually I got referred to ASPCA poison control (888-426-4435), which is where any emergency vet is going to send you if your pet eats something weird. You describe your issue, the phone rep talks to a vet, you pay a consultation fee. It ended up being okay, as I mentioned, because ingesting glue is not life-threatening for pets (except Gorilla Glue). I was advised to give him a taste treat (milk, tuna water) to help get the taste out of his mouth, and not to pick the glue off of his teeth.

He is subdued today, unsurprisingly. It could be sheepishness, or nausea. There is a little dab of glue right under his upper lip.

I have such difficulty with animals in extremis. You want to help them but they get in flight/fight mode and above all, they can't exactly tell you what the problem is (well, I mean, unless you saw them with the glue). Poor little buddies.


  1. OMG I'm so glad he's okay! Personally. I love the almost-bedtime freakout (mine always liked to play tag, until he got old and crotchety), but not when it has near-tragic results.

  2. Poor little buddies indeed. Give Ace a squeeze for me, right in the fatty fat.

  3. You poor thing! Poor Ace, but moreso poor you. *head pets* I'm so glad he's fine!