Friday, November 30, 2007

Perfunctory day 30 post.

I'm up in gig-town, phoning in my final NaBloPoMo entry. It's supposed to snow a foot here tomorrow and I hope I'm up early enough to see the lake effect snow wisping and driving over the great lake. But then on the other hand I hope I am not up at all early because it's VACATION and I'm TIRED because it's BEEN A LONG DAY and there is a KING SIZED BED here. I hope to lie in and watch TV until I am forced to get up for hot beverages, or maybe I'll be decadent and force room service to come up with tea. You can order room service on the internet in this hotel. Perfect for those of us who do not enjoy the phone.

I seriously cannot believe this day is over. We were on the road by 8, I did the masterclass at 11, and then I had two rehearsals and now here we are holed up in the hotel, watching a program about the weather in Alaska. I know, we are truly living on the edge. But there do not appear to be any decent pubbish bars in this town and do you know how much it sucks to look for some quiet nightlife when it's 0 degrees outside?

November, it's been real. So real, in fact, that I think I'll do my best to keep blogjamming every day in December. It's good for me, and if nothing else I can always post another baby picture. For example:
4 days old.

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