Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Here's what Jude said about his sister on the way home from the hospital on Sunday:

"We will not sold her and she will never die."

Here's what he said when his mother told him I'd be picking him up from school tomorrow:

"I don't want any dirls to pick me up." (That's Jude-speak for "girls.")

The Brit's about to try to brush the cat's teeth for the first time ever. It should be good times.


  1. I shamelessly used the pictures of Willa (I love that name...) to prove to AH that not all newborns were ugly - she is so cute and all of you together look so happy. Congratulations Aunt Maven! (I think your happy family inspired my little bout of "poor me" which is a GOOD thing, because you are all so very lucky to have each other...and lucky Willa!)