Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday meeting liveblogging.

I'm sitting in a meeting in which I have almost nothing, I mean really NOTHING to contribute, and it is also Nap Thirty, and I just now found myself looking around the table and spontaneously imagining how my colleagues would have looked in Olden Times, sort of like they were all characters in Anne of Green Gables or something. You know how Lucy Maud always described the crap out of even the most minor of secondary characters? That's how my mind was operating. All y'all ladies: you have buns. If I like you, you might have puffed sleeves. If I don't: corsets.


  1. It is an honor to be invited to this inner monologue.

  2. Oh, nice. I remember one passage about Anne pinning starflowers on the smooth ripples of her ruddy hair, and I've yearned to be pale and willowy ever since.

  3. I'll meet you over on the White Way of Delight, bitches.

  4. I am happy with a bun if I can have romantic curlicues at each temple, kind of draping down. That would really not be too much of a departure from my actual hair-don't at the moment.

    But I balk at the puffed sleeves.

    I'll trade you some puffed sleeves for some high-button shoes. How bout that?