Friday, November 09, 2007

Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.

A few notes on my condition, and the condition it is in.
Hair: a veritable LOAF. I have a haircut appointment tomorrow that *just* overlaps my morning commitment (what kind of jerk double-books herself on a Saturday, I ask you). If I don't make it to the haircut I am taking a clippers to my head (a longtime fantasy of mine--talk about low-maintenance!). Let me know if you've had luck with this application.
Legs: my calves are bigger than they were last year, thanks to my lackadaisical running schedule. That means that now all of my tall boots fit even more tenuously than they used to. Thanks, exercise! You are ruining my fashion. Also my back, a little bit, but maybe that's just because I'm overzealous. And by overzealous I mean I went to the gym on Wednesday and ran 2.5 miles. I know, it's crazy how hardcore I am.
Muffin top: I'm just a little bit suspicious about my midsection right now. Muffin top is not a thing I've historically contended with. Except yesterday when I contended with the top of an actual muffin right after the meeting where I spaced out Anne of Green Gables-style. Plus, who am I kidding: the only reason it didn't qualify as a cupcake is the lack of frosting.
Face: extra spotty!
Bank account: I just discovered that I actually had an overdraft for the first time in my life this week, thanks to some stupidly-timed transfers of cashola. The best part about the hours-long window where I, all unknowing, had a negative checking account balance was when my debit card was declined at a thrift store. Hahahahahahaha.


  1. The belly. I, too, have been running sporadically, and wonder if I would be slimmer legs if I walked instead. Whenever I see a skinny chick walking when I am running I feel a little bit of hate. (Sorry!)

    At the same time, I am aching for sponge candy and peanut brittle and will eat the whole box of each when they appear in the grocery store.

  2. Um, HAVE skinnier legs, I mean.