Thursday, December 27, 2007


I am contemplating posting to this here blog every day in 2008 (there's even a site where you can sign up to do it). I'm not into making sweeping resolutions anymore, because the personal growth stuff is renewable and ongoing, but this one seems manageable. I made only one last year--Cheeto-free in 2007--and I am glad to say that I stuck to it, eschewing even Cheeto-like pretenders (with a minor slip-up when we were up north a few weeks ago and the Brit was boasting that the organic cheese curls were a cut above. I tried them.). I think it's a good idea to make a single resolution that you know you can keep.

Some other things are afoot, but they're boring things about taking vitamins every day, flossing more frequently (perhaps daily?), and orienting my diet vegan-ward.

On a totally unrelated note, I found this amazing website today--it's the Library of Congress collection of posters from the WPA Federal Art Project. You can browse by subject and see a stellar array of prints--silkscreens, lithographs, and woodcuts--publicizing things like conservation and public health initiatives and planned housing and theatrical productions. Beautiful design and typefaces. There were a LOT of posters about syphilis. Check out these conservation posters:
Please Keep The Park Clean.

Let Them Grow.

National Parks Preserve Wild Life.

And one about nurturing the young:
Still true today.

Someday I am going to get deep into WPA research for some reason, I can just feel it.

On another unrelated note, the Brit bought me the earrings from this post. They are even fresher in person. (You should see his eyes bug out of his head when he's playing WoW.)


  1. I marked these earrings as a favorite on Etsy awhile ago. Such lovely jewelry!

  2. I love those posters!

    Happy snowy day to you.

  3. Those earrings are so totally you.

  4. I totally used that website for the written portion of my doctoral exams. My paper was about propaganda and art. Bcsm

  5. Mymsie, I loved those too. I was hard-pressed to pick just one pair.
    And Tina, right on! They nestle so neatly into my whole look. Whatever that is.

    BCSM, that is rad. I'm going to use it to find artwork for the home.

  6. That Library of Congress will keep a body entertained, that's for sure. Oh, which reminds me! My mother pulled out a ziploc bag at Christmas full of all the instructions for the toys we had as kids: Whizzer, Fisher Price barn set, Shrinkydinks, Lincoln Logs, erector set, Baby That-away... It pays sometimes to have a hoarder in the family.

  7. Thank you forever for that WPA poster link. I LOVE stuff like that. I can't wait to browse it later :D

  8. Discovered your blog today - very nice indeed! Fun content, rad earrings, and I am totally stealing your WPA poster reblog!! Love the vintage safety posters too...

  9. Song of the Wave1/3/08, 4:56 PM

    We have the same New Year's goals (except I actually started on January 2nd). I am proud to report 2 days of vitamins, 2 days of working out, 2 days of veganism. Sadly, no days of flossing (gosh that's hard), but 2 days of using lotion! It's the small things that make the difference....