Thursday, December 06, 2007

The apple of my eye.

I was just emailing the Brit about how freaking good this honeycrisp apple is, and here's what he wrote back:
That makes me think: perhaps of all foods, the gulf between a mediocre apple and a good one is the most broad. Because when you buy Carl Buddig, you know you're getting mediocre ham from the get-go. An apple reveals all at the moment you bite in, and no branding can confirm what it will deliver. That's why this honeycrisp genus is such a leap forward. Always crisp, always sweet, always meeting those high expectations so often undermined by the mealy Galas of yore...
And until I get my new laptop battery, this is how posting is probably going to be: short, surreptitious, and largely stolen from other writers.


  1. So true. I only discovered Honeycrisp apples this year, and they are UNREAL.

  2. He is such a good writer!

  3. Honeycrisps should make somebody's best-something list of 2007. I've heard so many people talking about them, and rightly so. Guests posts by the Brit welcome any ol' time.

  4. He's a professional, you know.