Saturday, December 08, 2007

Have yourself a hairy little fishnut.

I sort of feel like I'm hallucinating, between the alkyd-based primer I've been slapping on the basement paneling, the spicy coconut-noodle soup I'm currently slurping, and fucking Celtic Woman on PBS. Why is Celtic Woman on like EVERY DAY? With the hideous pastel fishtail prom pageant dresses and the gagworthy arrangements of Christmas songs and the breathy breathy singing and the fiddling elf who scampers around the stage?

We put up the fake tree and the holiday flair last night. I should spend the rest of the day filling the house with delicious baking smells and crafts, just to complete the picture. I realized yesterday when I was talking about potpourri with the Brit (he wants some and I spent about 15 minutes sniffing all of the specimens at Target, with no winners) that I have been imagining something like two cozy housebound weeks of crafting and snow and hot beverages and, perhaps, making my very own potpourri--but this imagining is a relic from childhood and won't actually be happening over the holidays. Particularly since I'm having a hard time getting anything extracurricular done these days--e.g. crafty stuff, shop updates, thrift shopping.

It's zero degrees today. A good day to stay in and do projects.


  1. Don't worry, I made my very first visit to the Burnsville Unique Thrift today, and purchased an awesome calf-length camel Calvin Klein coat and a vintage brown one. $10 for both? Yes.

    In Celtic Woman style, I sing to you, "Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling..."


  2. Because for some reason, whenever they play CW in your area, the ratings are high and/or people pledge a bunch of money. So they repeat it hoping to duplicate that experience. Baffling, isn't it?