Monday, December 17, 2007


You deserve to be reminded of this classic. Please notice how none of them are laughing during the performance, in contrast to every Adam Sandler sketch ever mounted on SNL.

Okay, I promise I'm going to stop embedding stuff for awhile. I have laryngitis, so I should really be banking all of my non-talking and funneling it into original blog content until I get my voice back. Today I am on total vocal rest, which means I am not going to say anything to anyone, and I will try to do the same tomorrow. I did a bit of talking yesterday while we were around the house and out and about--but I really shouldn't have talked at all. The Brit and I were tooling around at the Mall of Eternal Damnation for awhile yesterday, and instituted a voice-sparing thumbs-up/thumbs-down response system that he was getting a big kick out of. "This will probably be good for our relationship," he said.

"What, you mean if I don't talk so much?" I snorted. It's true that when you can barely speak, you think a lot harder about what is worth saying. So I'll just give him some laryngitis once I'm recovered and then we'll be all set.

Lovers of jewelry that can appear to be either classy or hippie/new-agey depending on your own personal style: I have been skulking around this ebay store today. I can't vouch for any of it, but the seller's feedback is 100% positive and it looks like you can get amazing deals on sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewelry. All of the auctions start at $0.95.

I can vouch for these cocoa-fudge cookies, which I made yesterday. They are super-easy, eggless (though not dairy-less), and rather delicious, like a flattened brownie. I doubled the recipe and added a teaspoon of cinnamon and they came out great, except for the sheet I baked too long.

The Christmas tree now only has ornaments starting about 30 inches off the ground. It's only a mild deterrent for the cat. I think he starts to feel jungle-istic when there's a tree (even a fake one from IKEA) around.


  1. Oh, I'd forgotten about that sketch. LOVE it! This weekend I saw Best of Chris Farley - it's such a bounty of hilarity. So many gems! :)

  2. hey look! life imitates art:

    (and by that i mean "life" and "art.")

  3. jillypickle, awesome! Thanks for the link. I always think Martha sounds filthy anyway, just because of how her voice is.