Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This was the whitest Christmas we've had in years. We're now in our second consecutive snow emergency so that the plows can do their thing, and my car is sitting outside waiting to be scooped out for the third time. Whatever other effects the snow has, it sure does make things cozy. At one point during the Harry Potter binge I was on the couch under a fleece blanket with the cat on my chest (almost suffocating me, PS, but in a cuddly way) and the book and the Brit handing me some tea and the snow falling softly and I exclaimed about how cozy things were about to get. Oh cozy.

Christmas was cozy too, and also hilarious. My grandpa, for example, had told my mom that he wasn't "going to mess around with money this year. Everyone's getting meat." Like meat is so much less messy than slim paper banknotes. Plus I was convinced he would forget that I don't eat meat, but then my meatbox had lovely salmon in it.

Also, the kids got a number of costumes for Christmas, so that when we showed up on the Eve, Henry was already dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow and we had to hand over Jude's Troy Bolton costume almost immediately to even things out. Then they swapped costumes. Then Henry got a lab coat, which suits him perfectly. He has, as you may know, abandoned magic for science.

Please note that this is a progression that took western civilization hundreds of years to make, and Henry made it in a year.

Then Jude got a Spiderman costume. He takes any opportunity to whip off his clothes, and sometimes he was just running around in his underoos. It was festive. And Willa has started smiling and cooing. And my brother is home, and we both got teary-eyed when we hugged hello. And then he gave me this for Christmas:
Teen Magazine August 1970.

I love giving the presents. Among other things, I gave the Brit World of Warcraft, which I am now installing on an external drive so that he can run it on his work computer. I imagine that when I get back from work tomorrow he's going to be on the couch all greasy and wild-eyed with maybe a pizza box next to him and his laptop illuminating his face. He claims he's taking me down with him, but I have a resolution about my dusty thesis and there are a number of other things, such as the Print Gocco machine I shall be buying with a wonderful gift certificate from my folks, that require my attention.

We wrapped up Christmas day at an Irish bar in St Paul, where a pair of musicians kicked out the reels and jigs and my sister Em and I welled up with pride when they sang about the County Down, and the Brit bonded with my brother and I listened to Hob's old friends talk about their doings while I nursed my Guinness and my laryngitis, and then two young men tag-teamed the bagpipes. Today I slept until noon.

I wouldn't be surprised to see tumbleweeds blowing across the hall at the office tomorrow, but I'm going there anyway.

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