Monday, January 14, 2008

A case of the Mondays.

I finally got my hands on a Print Gocco which, if you didn't know, is a little tabletop screenprinting machine from Japan. I have been coveting one ever since I found out about them a few years ago. Trouble was, you couldn't get them anywhere except ebay for awhile--the parent company had decided to stop making them and no one was importing them. However! Things turned around for Gocco and now one of the only North American distributors is my favorite little art supply store, Wet Paint, a place right across the street from my junior high school.

So I went there on Friday and used my Christmas gift certificate to get my very own Gocco. And the guy who rang me up, after congratulating me on my purchase, offered to do a demo for me right then and there. He gave me at least 20 minutes of his time, plus a full-bore, multi-part demonstration of how to use the critter, and it was awesome. Truly I say to you all: patronize this fine establishment. You will not be disappointed. (My mom's reaction to going in to Wet Paint: "What a great store! You go in and think 'I could do something! I could be more than I am!'" This is how art supplies are supposed to make you feel.)

Anyway, I don't have plans for printing world domination or even for my first project, but I am very excited about the whole thing. I could just learn from my nephew and write and illustrate a book every day with recycled office paper and a ballpoint pen, but it seems that I have become too complicated in the 28 years since I was five. Here is a page from Henry's recent effort, which he wrote while I was over on Saturday:
From Henry's book.
His book, very much indebted to Dr Seuss and his Grinch, is written under the nom de plume "Dr. Fead." It is "daducatid" (dedicated) to his father. It tells the story of a Monon who hates Valentine's Day and packs up his Shomr (the vehicle pictured above) with some sacks and goes on a journey to steal all the cards and sweets and dump them off the big hill of Turtle Tear. It's a pretty gripping tale. He writes these books without help, just spelling everything out phonetically. This means that words like "journey" are spelled "jrne," while "remind" is spelled perfectly.

I just stumbled across this Photoshop Phriday about History's Unsent Telegrams again today. It is old but damn, it's funny. Especially the very first one. It will give me something to laugh about if I have insomnia again tonight. Blech, insomnia, so tedious.


  1. Thanks for two things to amuse me this morning: H's story and Photoshop Phriday. Yay!

  2. michelle/weaker vessel1/15/08, 1:23 PM

    I don't think this little comment box can adequately contain my raging tsunami of jealousy over the fact that you got your mitts on a gocco. COVET TIMES INFINITY.

    Maybe you should make a henry-book every day. I love stealing project ideas from my kids, who can summon scads of great ones so confidently and unselfconsciously.

    Happy Tuesday!