Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Money for nothin.

Ahhh, my favorite kind of money. Last week I filled out an online health assessment to get $65 from my employer. Then I joined an online stress-reduction program to get an additional $65 from my employer. I tell you what, if the wellness programs themselves do not contribute to my wellness, the sweet $130 most definitely will.

Then I was just now filling out a class-action claim that I have been carrying around in my purse for about three months, and it appears I will be getting $25. It's some antitrust lawsuit revolving around credit cards and foreign ATM charges, and since I used my card in England in 2005 (this last trip was too late), I am part of the class. I sincerely doubt that I racked up even $10 in fees, so I count this as pure profit, my friend.

Also, if you or anyone you know bought diamond jewelry between 1994 and March 2006, you can be part of the class-action lawsuit against DeBeers--as long as you bought your diamonds from somewhere other than DeBeers. You can get up to $640 back, so anyone who dropped a big wad of cash on say an engagement ring or a pimp cup would be wise to visit the website and get to filing. The tip-off came from WiseBread, which has more info about the lawsuit. As for me, I never fell for the right-hand ring campaign, so I don't qualify--but it turns out that the mastermind behind that load of shite was DeBeers anyway.


  1. Free money rocks. But for some reason, I still prefer free food.

    I'm hoping someone will organize a class-action against Amazon for making it so easy to impulse buy stuff.

  2. michelle/weaker vessel1/17/08, 8:37 AM

    HA, agree, ed. The One-Click Buy thing has totally impaired my wellness on multiple occasions. Even though, ironically enough, I'm usually one-click-buying self-help books and creativity workbooks and shit.

    Anyway, free monay! Yayyyyuh! (Um, is that how you onomatopoetically transcribe a Lil Jon exclamation?)

  3. I KNEW that pimp cup was going to pay off at some point. Yes! Free money for Mama Violet!

  4. I cringe as I type this but I ... don't know what a pimp cup is.

    Please, someone, help me live my life.

  5. Oh my god, I am so happy that you just inspired me to google pimp cups. Do you know how many vendors there are, just waiting to sell you some iced-out chalice? I think this is the best article about what a pimp cup actually is.