Sunday, January 06, 2008

Off with their heads.

Elyse Sewell's report on her worst weekend ever, in which her now-ex boyfriend Marty Crandall (of Shins fame) got shitfaced and beat on her, has already blown up the entire futureweb. She has locked the post since I read it, but suffice it to say that it was blistering, funny, and serious, and in the few hours it was up, it generated about 23 pages of comments saying both WTF and congratulations on getting out.

I don't usually reference celebrity doings because there are plenty of blogs that do that and, to be honest, I don't pay that much attention, or I try not to. But I've been reading this woman's blog for ages, and she is smart as hell, with a bigger vocabulary than I have, and her blog is always hilarious and interesting. She pokes fun at her own self-aggrandizement. And it just gives you pause when someone who has her shit in a pile ends up in such a horrible situation (she says it wasn't the first time). I also think it's incredibly rad that she went so public with it. That Marty better watch his back.

I have another post cooking, a sort of values manifesto, but it might take a few days to finish AND I have to go back and do another church service this afternoon. It's an intense one today, a sort of mass memorial in which anyone can light a candle and say the name of someone they've lost in the past year. At one service a guy lit a candle for "our daughter, who we never got to heart's compass." I can hardly stand to type it. At the next service, an entire family got up to light a candle and said, in turn, "my wife." The kids were young.

Oh messy world.


  1. Goodness gracious. Thank you for sharing that tragic but affirming piece of beauty.

    Looking forward to the values manifesto and oddly enough I've been kicking around something similar too. I guess that's what our resolutions are truly about.

  2. I spent all morning flipping between Elyse's blog and Television Without Pity, poring over comments, fully obsessing. But of course, you probably knew that. Marty! What the fuck? Do I have to delete all the Shins from my ipod?

  3. michelle/weaker vessel1/6/08, 6:56 PM

    I am always railing about the mental energy people waste worrying about and worshiping the false pantheon of celebrities, and yet, and yet, this Elyse thing has me reeling, no joke. What a weird-out. Thanks for putting it into proper perspective with the beautiful, horrible scene from the memorial service.

  4. Brutal, devastating world. And yet, and yet.

  5. I occasionally read Elyse's blog but hadn't in awhile. That is terrible! What a nightmare. :(