Friday, January 04, 2008


Here is how the Brit responded to e-queries about his World of Warcraft status:
I am Yarlm, a level 7 Tauren hunter. And I'm stuck in Thunder Bluff, in some realm with "Iron" in its name. It's like a Native American theme park populated by doe-eyed Minotaurs wearing beads and kaftans ("Tauren" = Taurus = Bull = genius). I forget if my race is aligned with the Horde or the Alliance. I just fight everybody. I can get the full realm name this evening when I log on to walk around in circles, being challenged to duels by level 70 Blood Elves who invariably kick my ass. I would do much better with pro/dork support.

I just started doing this thing to hunt down the guy from Cannibal Corpse.
Wrong, baby, you started doing it because you're a dork deep down inside, just like I am.

Aside: did you know my nickname around the house is Sweet Baby Rainbow? Or SBR? It has a theme song and everything.


  1. I've never played WoW but I sure like those commercials for the the one with Mr. T and his Mohawk thingy.

    Secretly I would like to create some warrior woman character with a metal bustier.

  2. Cannibal Corpse takes me back. I only wish I were kidding.

    SBR is so totally cute. I love the nicknames people give each other. Do yours morph & change or do they more or less stay the same?

  3. Sweet Baby Rainbow is an excellent nickname. My nickname is Good Sweet Baby, or GSB, and I envy your rainbow but would never begrudge you it.