Friday, February 22, 2008

A blogging problem.

I obviously have one.

It's not that I'm trying to spray the internet with my intellectual seed. I think I'm just going through some kind of categorization (or recategorization) phase. It's probably a result of working with spreadsheets on a daily basis. So I've started yet another blog. It's called witchyobrokeass and it's a place for me to round up my bargain-related posts. Y'all know I've been reading personal finance blogs and frugality blogs and such lately, and I've also been wondering exactly what kind of expertise I have to share with the futureweb. I like the fact that I have a little party going on over here and can post about any old thing, but I've also been thinking about how I can start building a website that might earn me some money. It's a long-term goal of mine to have a passive income stream, and that's likely going to be online, and it's hopefully going to be because I've figured out how to generate information that people want and need and seek.

Until that coalesces, however, I'm going to being giving you little posts about stuff I've tried, and mostly on the cheapy-cheap. I thought about calling the site "Stuff I've Tried," but that makes an ugly URL. Not that "witchyobrokeass" is much better, but it's definitely funnier. (Bonus points if you can tell me where the name came from, and nods to the gorgeous omnivorous food blog immaeatchu for the inspirational coinage.) The upshot is that I have a dilettantish knowledge about a variety of things, and most of them have to do with doin' it yourself and finding good deals. I plan to collect this knowledge for your broke ass's consideration, and I hope your broke ass finds it helpful.


  1. At first I read your new blog's name as Witchy-o-Brokeass, which sounds like an Irish gangsta.

  2. Mymsie, me too! That's how I read it. But it's a good name, and I like the idear. I will read as many blogs as you put forth.

  3. Lolcanoes at the above comments!