Monday, March 31, 2008

Fie upon it.

The weather has entered a realm that I like to call Hot Bullshit. Appropriate usage (e.g., upon stepping out the door in the morning): "What is this hot bullshit?" We have about 5 inches of thick slushy snow on the ground and it's falling down in heavy chunks. Nothing kills my plans to gymify more quickly than this weather, so I suspect it will be more tea and Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight, rather than slow jogging and shoulder presses. One good thing about drinking greens in the morning is that you continue to feel very virtuous throughout the day, however, regardless of your activity level. And tea and comedy are good rewards for your virtue.

I had one of those work meetings today where you feel like a total fraud, except that no one else really knows it, depending on how good you are at presenting yourself. I have to remind myself that I felt fraudulent when I first started teaching as well, especially when I was a music history TA, except that at least I had a whole wack of training and expertise and book-learnin' to balance my feeling of fraud back then. In my current job I just have spreadsheets and, like, excellent googling skills, and smarts. I guess the smarts are the main thing. And next week I am going to get 30 hours of training, which I am certain will be excruciating. At least my boss and Anna have to suffer through it with me. And at the end: certification! expertise!

Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut into a fake bob unless I am otherwise instructed by the divine Kathy. I have been waffling about this haircut for awhile because truly I am tempted to get the super-short pixie, but I dread the maintenance, DREAD IT. And I have let my hair go for what, almost three months, and so I have enough length to simulate a completely different hairstyle once I get this mullety stuff shorn off the back. Most likely I will grow it out for another haircut cycle, and then have it chopped, which will be very satisfying. And now you know my plan.

Also tomorrow I have no teaching responsibilities (thanks to "spring break"), which means I have almost an entire day to TCOB, read Veganomicon, listen to Gnarls Barkley, and work on my thesis. So excited; just can't hide it.

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  1. Had a similar meeting today. My feeling of fraudulence can't be stopped.