Thursday, March 06, 2008

I have been severely chastised in some quarters for my failure to update, though I DID do that meme AND tweak (read: mess up) my template yesterday. Today I am home with proto-sickness, mostly sitting under a blanket and chugging tea. The goal is to prevent the sickness from becoming full-blown, by abstaining from going to the office. Everyone I know has had The Plague this winter, with ferocious respiratory consequences, so I'm not messing around. Also, I am supposed to have Willa tomorrow night, and I don't want to jeopardize that. She is rolling over and she actually talked to me on the phone today, and I am overdue for smooching her cheeks and posting new pictures of her.

So far I am not that impressed with March, are you? My car was covered with snow Wednesday morning, and then there were the wind chills and seriously lame high temps. My high school students speak longingly of Spring Break, which is coming up in a few weeks, and I groove to the academic calendar until I remember that Spring Break is no longer part of my year. But the fact is, I never really went anywhere springbreakish in the years that I could legitimately celebrate Spring Break. My last two years in high school, I went to Chicago with a friend to stay on the floor at her aunt's house and shop and eat and go to the museum. Fun yes, warm no. One year in college I went to El Paso with my old boyfriend Schmalec, to stay at HIS aunt's house. I was just remembering this trip last night, because I was describing how Schmalec returned to Wisco from Spring Break in El Paso the previous year with longhorns bolted to the hood of his 80s Volvo station wagon. (I am astonished that the car made the trip more than once. It used to stall out at intersections.) Then a few years later, Foolish Boy and I went to visit Mammoth Cave and the distilleries of Kentucky. Again, fun, but not exactly SPRING BREAK WOOOO! and certainly no relaxing on beaches.

Since my Awesome Day of Projects, I have stayed on my organizational rampage. Arc's Value Village did a pickup this week, so a few bags went out the door. The BFS is hosting a clothing swap this weekend, and I am unloading many, many things, including pants that created actual disbelief deep in my soul when I held them up for inspection, because I can't believe I ever fit into them. All the collective leftovers will go to Goodwill--that will be a satisfying trip.

Dom (who is back at home growing his immune system) has started a PR food blog: Cuca's Puerto Rican Kitchen. I will probably have to make some recaito. He gave me a frozen wad of it years ago and it cheered up my rice and beans many times.

Friends, I have updated, but I am fuzzy-headed and dull. See what I do to please you? I am going to brew another pot of Echinacea Elder and make some mac and cheese for the Brit. Oh also: I moved up to 15 pound dumbbells for bicep curls this week, so grating the cheese is actually going to hurt.

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  1. Am also very unimpressed by March. But I think Mammoth Cave sounds awesome. I'd take it over a Cancun thong-fest anyday.