Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm cleaning up my hard drive, which I will allow you to read as procrastination, and I found this niblet that I wrote last summer, after a late-night run for analgesia, and then forgot to blog:
The Hiawatha Walgreen’s is a slice of life after midnight. The cashier was an older woman, bleached blond, with two pentacle necklaces and a nametag that said “Cougar.” The guy right in front of me bought a tub of Astroglide and a box of frozen White Castles, which is a recipe for a party of some kind.
True story.


  1. I think I went to that party.

  2. R bought a fedora at Walgreen's last night and has been wearing it around the house all day.

  3. Pretty soon I'm gonna get me a Cougar name tag.