Friday, March 28, 2008


Yesterday I finally, FINALLY joined my favorite co-op. To give you an idea of how stupid it is that I hadn't joined earlier:
  • I have been shopping there since I was an actual child.
  • I lived in the neighborhood for 3 or 4 years, and did about half my shopping there during that time.
  • Prior to that, I lived just a few neighborhoods over, for 4 years, and did a quarter of my shopping there.
  • I am a fan of the co-op model.
  • Their share price is one third that of other area co-ops.
When I lived nearby I kept putting it off, and then when I moved out of the area I thought I wouldn't be going there so often. As it turns out, I'm there once a week, if not more. So yesterday when I was loading up on green smoothie supplies, I finally joined up.

Along the same lines, some friends and I have been trying to sort out which CSA we're going to join for the growing season and how we're going to divvy up the food. I'm pretty excited about this move. I'll pay about $250 up front to split a share of local produce for 18 weeks or so, starting in June. That ends up being about $14 a week for 4-13 pounds of produce, depending on the season. Sweet sweet! And then, as Anna said, we will have Ladies' Nights where we have to use the vegetables we have no idea what to do with. I think she was talking about potluck dishes, but it sounded filthy.

These items, along with the green smoothie experiment (basically, I've started drinking my greens every day), are helping me along on my little food journey. What WHAT!


  1. Hey, that is just too crazy! I was just attending a meeting today in my town where they are starting a coop. I'm thinking about joining, too. Small world. xoxo, hil

  2. Well thanks to you...we did it! We were on a ton of waiting lists and got in to our first choice (of 5) CSA for 2009. The first pickup isn't until April. We're totally excited. I seriously did not know a thing about CSA until I read your blog - thanks a million!