Saturday, March 15, 2008

Taking care of business and working overtime.

I have another brilliant day planned, much like the last one in which my primary objective was TCOB. It's true that I am much more likely to have these productive days when I am flying solo--must be the introvert in me--and the Brit is out of town again this weekend, this time in TX. This trip meant that he missed the first truly upliftingly springy day in MN on Thursday, but weigh that against 80 degrees down south and it's really no contest.

The largest item on my to-do list is to knock out a chunk of my thesis. I mention this only by way of creating some public accountability. Frankly, no one on my committee really cares whether I ever get it done, nor has there been any "advising" along the way. However, members of my crew are gradually beginning to finish their papers and because I am happy for them, I want theses and their associated bullshit to cease to be topics of conversation.

So that's one reason to finish. Here are some others:

1. To earn the actual professional/academic credential.
2. To finish what I start, a la Madness.
3. To lift the psychological weight of an unfinished task so that perhaps I can stop having those dreams where I don't go to class all semester and now there's a math test. But I am a nerd, so I will probably always have academic dreams.
4. To return 50 pounds of books that I have had checked out for about two years. Seriously! How is it that I've been able to renew them so many times? At least I know no one else is doing any work on Amy Lowell.
5. To contribute something to some sort of body of knowledge, though truthfully this is low on my list.
6. To quit bitching and DO. This is high on my list in life and not just w/r/t this paper.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day, the office is sunny and yellow, I have a pile of tasks and a good measure of caffeine, and as of 10 AM I have already dinked around enough to feel like I've had a Saturday morning. The two hours of dinking is thanks to the cat, who woke me up at 7 for a battle of wills that truly only I was engaged in. All he's thinking is "hello, HUNGRY" and I'm thinking "OH MY GOD, go away, I will NOT be a slave to your gut." Unfortunately he is chatty anyway and around 7 he just gets tired of people being asleep and starts hollering, also jumping up by my head, putting his ass in my face, rubbing the bedside tables, batting the blinds, and sometimes pouncing on my toes, purring all the while. If I put my head under the covers he investigates with his paw and his wet cold nose, not in a playful way--more like he's concerned about my well-being. Occasionally he will spoon with me and shut up, but it is always short-lived. So at 8 I caved and got up. Furry jerk.

My productivity plans were almost totally derailed when Henry called me at 9:30 to ask if we wanted to hang out today. When I talked to his mom, however, I found that he was actually calling to get the Brit to bring him a microphone. Henry is a smooth operator. I mean I'm sure he would have enjoyed hanging out. But he's good at seeming to negotiate perfectly reasonable terms while also getting what he wants. I need to show you some more of his drawrings, by the by. At the beginning of the schoolyear he was drawing very expressive but simple little frowny faces, and now he's doing expressionistic and detailed portraits. Yay kindergarten! And, sniff, that boy is almost SIX YEARS OLD.

Anyway, I made plans to see them tomorrow instead, so my Day of Thesis Etcetera, it is solid. The etcetera includes etsy listings, recreating a lentil curry salad that I always buy at the co-op, doing laundry, and getting gymified. Hooray!!


  1. Oh, shame spiral. I also determine whether I've had a Saturday by measuring productivity between 6 a.m. and noon (Saturday starts to suck for me once we get into the p.m.). But today I spent those hours in bed, catching up on sleep and stuff with my manfriend (despite the fact that the cats hurled themselves at the door all morning).

  2. M, your mix is helping me once again.

  3. Hooray! I've got to leave the house in about 40 minutes, and I'm trying to figure out how to bend time so that I can shower, write a big blog post and clean my whole house in that time.

  4. When I started kindergarten, my Mom went back to school and worked her way through undergrad and grad school. When I graduated from high school, she finished her PhD (at the U of Minn, in fact.) All through those years, I gained a great respect for academia. As an adult, while I still respect it, I'm disheartened by its darker side. I hope your experience has been a positive one!

  5. I still have those horrible math test dreams, even though I finished my master's years ago.

    BUT, I have smug satisfaction when I wake up, knowing that stuff is behind me ... and soon you will too!