Monday, April 21, 2008

Mad about plaid.

(A phone call on Saturday morning.)

Dad: Hi, did I wake you?
Maven: Nope!
Dad: Well, I'm just calling to tell you I bought a kilt.


As you can see, he also bought kilts for the nephews. And for my brother (he will be getting his later in the week, when my parents go to visit him). The Brit suggested that this is a very American thing to do, and that they should expect to be mocked by Old World Europeans such as himself. If any other Old World Europeans read this blog, please feel free to weigh in, though I defy you to look at Jude up there and suggest that his ancestral pride is misplaced.

Henry wondered when he would be getting his bagpipes, which is exactly the logical leap I would expect him to make.

Here is another conversation that took place yesterday:

Dad: I still want to get a real kilt. [n.b. This is a sort of budget or starter kilt.]
Mom: You know, if you just bought the fabric I could make the kilt for you.
Dad: They use 8 yards of fabric, so it would still be expensive.
Mom: There's no way there's 8 yards of fabric in that.
Dad: Traditional kilts are guaranteed to have 8 yards of fabric.
Mom: I'm telling you that I know yardage and that is not 8 yards.
Maven (helpfully): So maybe this kilt is a little skimpy, since it's a budget kilt.
Em (to Maven): Remember when Mom and Dad didn't have to argue about kilts?


  1. also Dad said he convinced Jude that it would be cool to wear a kilt because traditionally you don't have to wear underwear. For Henry the appeal was, of course, the opportunity to accessorize...with a musical instrument.